Sega Sammy Creation’s commitment to development

Passion and driving force to develop our machines

The creation of each newly developed gaming machine is supported by the passion of countless developers. At Sega Sammy Creation, each machine development project is organized as a team comprising producers, directors, planners, designers, programmers, and so on. All members have confidence and pride in their work as a group of true professionals.

Development teams at Sega Sammy Creation are composed of professionals in each area, of course, and any members can offer ideas or opinions, even if not in their specialized field, which creates a liberating, energetic atmosphere. Always respecting each person's diverse individuality, we seek the active exchange of opinions in order to deliver high quality machines. After achieving consensus of all members, our teams come together to work tirelessly on creating these machines.

Just as each personality is different, the feelings that each development team member brings to the machine can vary significantly.

I want to develop machines that fascinate people from all over the world despite linguistic and cultural differences.
I want people who have no experience of casinos to get a taste of how thrilled I was the first time I went to a casino.
I want to create a fully original game that will remain forever as a casino favorite, like baccarat.

The words may differ, but through the machines we develop based on these convictions, we demonstrate our powerful desire to excite and entertain as many people as possible. Each individual energy is a driving force creating innovative machines, like a breath of fresh air into the world of casinos.

Thorough commitment to our machines

One suitable word to describe the machines of Sega Sammy Creation is commitment. For example, our SICBO BONUS JACKPOT machine, released in 2015, is committed to incorporating entertainment elements never before seen in SICBO games.

Long popular at casinos, SICBO games involving anticipating the total result of three dice throws. In Macau, however, table games tend to be more popular, with SICBO gaming machines already released by other companies.

Sega Sammy Creation was overwhelmingly a latecomer to SICBO, so we needed to create a machine with a new concept. Thus, we sought to develop an innovative SICBO game in pursuit of a sense of scale and production quality never seen before.

So says one member of the development team. The most momentous point for SICBO players is that instant when the outcome of the dice is determined and victory or defeat is decided. However, in the table game of SICBO, since the dice are hidden by the lid when shaken, the player doesn’t get to see the actual moment when the outcome is decided.

In Sega Sammy Creation’s machine, each of the dice is in a transparent cylinder, so the moment of its outcome is visible. This is remarkably different and adds a great degree of excitement of the game. In addition, the machine is housed in a huge casing about 4 meters in total height and 3 meters in width, with three massive dice floating in mid-air, then spinning, shining, and falling. It makes an eye-catching sight across the entire casino floor.

In addition, by adding the CAI SHEN PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT side-game feature, which the SICBO table game lacks, we incorporated an entertainment element enabling players to expect some chance of winning high dividends, thus revolutionizing the game of SICBO.

Meanwhile, we have not compromised our commitment to ease of play, not only for production quality but also from the player's perspective.

At the almost completed stage, we found an issue with the jackpot sequence. There was a slight delay between the video image and the audio, which most people did not notice. However, after completion, we thought that if a player did notice the delay, from that moment on the delay would start to distract the player, which could be a factor hindering concentration on the game.

Despite the tight schedule, the development team decided to adjust it. After repeated fine-tuning by all team members, we were eventually able to deliver the machine in a convincing final form. We always verify the machine from the player’s perspective and thoroughly solve even the most trivial issues. 99% is not enough. Our commitment in manufacturing is to earn 100% trust. Our development mindset, which refuses to compromise on any aspect, is the cornerstone of the outstanding machine quality at Sega Sammy Creation.

A challenger changing casinos

Many members of Sega Sammy Creation's development team have previous experience developing Japanese arcade games. So even at the company’s founding, when we were first creating our casino machines, we had absolute confidence in our machines’ ability to entertain as well as the quality of the product. However, when starting to develop the machines, we had to identify and overcome all kinds of complicated development regulations, rules specific to licensing business approval, and so on

It was more difficult than we imagined to devise unique fun while adhering to rigid ‘rules.’ We were unable to make full use of the experience we’d cultivated in the games industry, and we couldn't fully incorporate the diverse game properties and entertainment aspects that we were so proud of into the machine.

However, the same regulations apply to other companies too. How could we make the most of our machines, while still following the rules? Could we differentiate ourselves from our competitors? Could we create something new? These rules fired up the developers into rising to meet the challenges.
And although we struggled and suffered and worked feverishly, the innovative machines created out of this experience— such as SICBO BONUS JACKPOT and EXCITING BACCARAT—have brought a breath of fresh air to casinos. This was the first step on the path for Sega Sammy Creation in facing its challenges.

This DNA of “meeting challenges” still runs in our developers. At present, seeking out the challenge of developing machines with completely new concepts never before seen in the market is natural to us. Even when basing these on existing games, we change them by adding unique ideas and making them dramatically more interesting.
Challenges can take countless various forms.

Casinos may look the same all over, but in fact each region has its own individual needs. After thoroughly researching the needs of that market, we provide machines through which we’ve challenged ourselves to create new value, and we hope that people will enjoy them.
We’re still a young, aggressive company. We will keep seeking new challenges and continue to change the future of casinos.

At casinos over the world, people deeply and thoroughly enjoy the machines created by Sega Sammy Creation.
Dreaming that such a day will come in the near future, our development team continues to seek out challenges.